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Feminized cannabis seeds make hermies?!

by Nebula Haze

Feminized Cannabis Seeds: Seeds where all plants grow up to be female and produce buds

Hermies: Hermie cannabis plants can look like normal female plants at first glance, but they produce pollen that causes seedy buds, just like male plants. Hermies are to be avoided!


Bud Rot

by Nebula Haze

How to Prevent & Stop Bud Rot (quick summary)

  • Air circulation - Make sure there’s always plenty of air moving over all the buds and leaves, and through the plant. This can take careful planning.

Cannabis Bud Rot -
Big Symptom Picture: 
Leaf Color: 
Edges Appear Brown or Burnt
Dark or Purple Leaves
Leaf Symptoms: 
Abnormal Growth
Other Symptoms: 

Unbelievable $50 DIY Greenhouse

In many parts of the world, the weather is getting cold way too early for outdoor cannabis growers! Outdoor growers are at the mercy of the weather, and it's important to keep plants warm enough (above freezing temps!) until harvest.

So what can you do if temps are dropping too early in the season? 

Make a greenhouse!

One of our readers showed us how he made a DIY greenhouse for under $50. I hope this stimulates some ideas and helps other outdoor cannabis growers keep their plants warm until harvest!

Mulch: Powerful Tool for Organic Growers

by Mulcher4Life

Introduction: Mulch for Organic Gardening

Natural layers of soil in the environmentIn an organic setting, the goal or ideal method is to mimic nature in the most efficient way possible.

"Main-Lining" Tutorial by Nugbuckets: Train Marijuana Plants for Bigger Yields & Flat Canopies

by Nugbuckets - Compiled and edited by Nebula Haze in August 2013

Read Nebula's Manifold Tutorial:



Table of Contents

What does a 1 pound plant look like outdoors?

Question: How big does an outdoor plant have to get to produce a pound of buds?

I want to grow a 1-2 lbs of buds outside in my backyard, and I want to know if that can be achieved with just one plant. I can tend to the plant daily, provide water, nutrients, etc. I'm just worried about how big it will need to get. What does a 1 pound outdoor plant look like just before harvest?

How can I get outdoor plants to start flowering when days are still longer than 12 hours?


I have been growing outdoors but using extra light to keep them on a 24/0 schedule and will be flowering soon. I live in a warm climate, so I started them in wintertime. Right now spring is starting and days are getting longer.

The plants are an unknown Kush strain and are about 2 1/2 months old. I was hoping to flower them using just the sunlight, but I already have a 13 on / 11 off schedule, and by the end of their flowering it will be about 14.5 on and 9.5 off.

When do I harvest my marijuana?

by Nebula Haze

Table of Contents

Intro: What You Need

1st Harvest Method: Look at Buds

2nd Harvest Method: Look at Buds Under a Magnifier

Summary: Tips & Hints


When should I harvest the buds from my cannabis plant? That is the eternal question...

Should I grow plants indoors or outdoors?

There are two major ways to grow, indoors and outdoors. Some people will use a mixture of the two and grow their plants indoors during the vegetative stage when they need constant light, then transport them outdoors when they are ready to start flowering and only need 12 hours of light a day.